Awakening the Ten Bodies Through Kundalini Yoga

Yogi Bhajan QuoteWe often think of our bodies in physical terms or perhaps a physical body and a mind, however, the truth is that we actually have ten bodies:

One physical, three mental, and six energy bodies.

Yogi Bhajan discovered this system in his travels in India.  The Ten Bodies are powerful capacities of the psyche, each one possessing specific gifts that manifest when strong as well as certain deficit tendencies that surface when weak.

The art and science of the Ten Bodies allows you to realize that any disharmony you experience can be identified and then restored.

Soul Body

As the title suggests, the first body is our Soul. It is our spirit flowing through us and acts as a foundation to build upon and discover who we truly are. Through the Soul Body, we are able to live from our heart, rather than our head.

Negative Mind

This body is constantly at work, determining the risks and danger in our surrounding environment and evaluating its potential to negatively affect us.

Positive Mind

As the Negative Mind works to keep us safe and assess the danger in our environment, our Positive Mind works to find the opportunities in life that will be beneficial for us. Our willpower stems from this body and encourages us to explore the world around us.

Neutral Mind

This body is your guide. It evaluates the information provided by the Positive and Negative Minds and leads us to the best course of action. The Neutral Mind is compassionate and intuitive.

Physical Body

This body should be very familiar to us! This is the temple where all bodies dwell, giving us the opportunity to balance ourselves.


This body is your halo, spanning across your hairline and brow from ear to ear. Women have a second arcline across the breast line. This body helps us understand and project what we’re feeling.

Ten Bodies Philosophy of Kundalini Yoga


Our seventh body is our auric field. Surrounding our Physical Body, this electromagnetic energy field protects us like a shield, enhances our self-confidence and gives us a platform for elevation.

Pranic Body

This body is responsible for bringing in life force as you breathe, constantly working to supply us with the energy we need to stay motivated and achieve our goals.

Subtle Body

Our Subtle Body works closely with our Soul, and allows us to look beyond the reality we are living in.

Radiant Body

Our tenth body supplies us with the courage we need and the radiance we have within. A well-developed Radiant Body will be magnetizing to others because it is easily recognized through their charisma and personality.

Surprise—there is an 11th body!

Bonus: Embodiment

The 11th body exists when all ten bodies are balanced, and you have allowed Infinity to consistently flow through you.

This is a philosophy that is practiced through Kundalini Yoga. The systemized kriyas, use of breath, mudras, and sound work to balance and activate the Ten Bodies giving you a comprehensive way to work on all of them at once.

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