Why Do We Wear White During Kundalini Yoga?

It’s a question that many wonder, but never seem to ask: Why do we wear the color white when practicing Kundalini Yoga?

Wearing white during Kundalini Yoga influences your aura and creates a more powerful projection.

Your aura is unique to you and it is a power that you should be continuously working on to grow and shape to achieve a healthy auric field. A healthy aura is one that creates a strong presence and enhances personal power, successfully fending off negative influences that attempt to penetrate us every day.

By wearing dignified clothes that are white or ivory, you can create a more powerful interface between you and your surrounding environment.

“We wear white because it’s a simple scientific fact that every piece of matter or material has a foot and a half aura. Every animal has a three-and-a-half-foot aura. Every human has a nine-foot aura. And if we wear cotton and we wear white, this color therapy gives us one extra foot of aura.” – Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini Yoga Class in OntarioThe color white contains the energies of all colors, expanding your personal energy when you wear it.

To the naked eye, white is just one color. However, white includes the entire spectrum of light energy. So, wearing white allows you to utilize the energies of all colors, finding support and strength in all eight chakras.

Display your pure self-identity through your choice of dress and create a deeper connection with the people around you.

No matter what, your style of dress should reflect who you are and your personal commitment to your inner self. Not only will it help you take in the outside world and encourage your own self-reflection, but it will push others to look inward as well. As a result, this creates a subtle, but powerful communication with others. Wearing white and strengthening your overall presence will attract others, which is why most teachers dress in white.

When you join us for Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, you are free to wear whatever you feel will help you reflect inward and create a beneficial and healing experience for yourself. Browse through our upcoming classes and if you’d like to learn more about the impact of wearing white or Kundalini Yoga, contact Daya Kaur at 416-674-7083 or by email!