Have you planned your summer vacation?

Here is a suggestion – a weekend retreat filled with Kundalini Yoga!

Every year I travel to Espanola, New Mexico to celebrate summer solstice.  From the airport, the shuttle whisks us out of the city, away from the hustle and bustle, along a bumpy, dusty road to the camp site.  With evey bump in the road a thought, worry or concern is jostled free.  This time is for me.  This sounds so magical but there are real obstacles before I actually get there.  With a family and partner to consider, needing time away from work, changing yoga class schedules, and the expense of flying, all are viable considerations and a sacrifice for all busy people.

Kundalini Yoga Workshop in Toronto

Taking a little time to go on a retreat is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.  A retreat is an investment in your health and your personal relationship with yourself.  It will give you a chance to pause, to slow down –  a form of self care that is crucial to our well being.  Just the fact that you are breaking your routine allows you to assess your current situation from all perspectives.

Kundalini Yoga Summer Experience

Trent University is situated on the Otanabee River

Retreats are a good way to begin a yoga practice or to deepen an existing one.  They are great for people with little or no experience, young or older, flexible or stiff.  The Summer Experience Retreat is a great combination of Kundalini Yoga, healthy and delicious food prepared for you, being outdoors surrounded by nature, and connecting with like-minded people.  Enjoy air conditioned, private rooms in the newly constructed Gzowski wing, making this a holiday so relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time.

Come and join us at Trent University in Peterborough.  After weighing all the pros and cons…..
You will be glad you did!