Kundalini Yoga for the Heart Chakra and Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a time for thinking of love. Of course we want to do this everyday, but let’s take advantage of the group consciousness and some Kundalini Yoga to activate the heart chakra.

Consider these 5 Valentine’s Day thoughts and activities to contribute to the group consciousness of love and your own self love. Some of the quotes from Yogi Bhajan may get you streamed up, the meditation will enhance your projection of love, and the yoga exercises will keep your second and fourth chakra healthy.

5 Valentine’s Day Kundalini Yoga Suggestions

1. You are my Lover Lord

If you are looking for a lover or a deeper connection with your partner- try singing this song based on an ancient prayer. Sing it all the time, play it in the background while you cook, clean, wash dishes, go for a walk.  Embody it’s meaning and you’ll be surprised what happens to loneliness:  You are My Lover Lord – listen at this link

You are My Lover Lord

You are my Lover Lord, Yes you are my lover Lord,

You are my Lover Lord and you are my only friend.

You are my father and my mother, and you are my sister and my brother

You are always right beside me, to teach me and to guide me

You never leave me alone, no matter where I may roam

You don’t care if I am right or wrong, for to you Lord I belong.

2. Balance Sexual Energy

Crow Squat - Inhale Up, Exhale Down

Crow Squats (single or partner):  The yogis say crow squats are beneficial for balancing sexual energy, correcting problems in the reproductive organs, and keeping the knees well oiled. Stand with your feet slightly apart for balance.  Squat down into crow squat, keeping your heels on the floor bringing your buttocks to the floor (if possible).  For Partner Crow Squats: Stand facing your partner, holding hands, and squat down together as above.  Look into your partners eyes as you move together. Inhale Up, Exhale Down. Repeat 11, 26, 54, or 108 times.

3. Yogi Bhajan Quote – On Being a Wife:

“Understand yourself, understand that your grace is your saving grace, make yourself a Queen of the spirit and righteousness.  Queens don’t fight with servants and staff of the Imperial Palace.  Be a Queen of consciousness, then make him a King.  If you are not a Queen first, you’ll be a doormat.”   Yogi Bhajan, Relax and Rejoice, A Marriage Manual, p. 13

4. Yogi Bhajan Quote – On Being a Husband:

“A Man can lose everything on this planet but hope.  To build up what you need to build up, there’s no magic which can help you except Sadhana (daily spiritual practice).  Your not doing it is not laziness, negativity, self-depression, it is self denial.”  Yogi Bhajan, Relax and Rejoice, A Marriage Manual, p. 26

5. Meditation for Love:

Try this video of the Aad Guray Nameh Meditation for Projection and Protection from the Heart

Love yourself and project love this Valentine’s Day.  Let me know how it goes in the comments.

Sat Nam,

Daya Kaur